Below are the terms under which we accept garments for cleaning, together with some of the risks involved in the cleaning of suedes/leathers/specialist cleaning (F) and (H) labelled items. 1. No responsibility will be accepted for colour differences when part of a matching suit/costume or any other matching part is sent in for cleaning without the other. 2. Not all marks, dirt and stains (such as ink) can be removed because ingrained dirt can penetrate the skin and damage it. 3. Garments with white or light colour linings (and/or colours) will be cleaned at the owner’s risk, on the understanding that the colour may run from the outer skin discolour them and it is not always possible to get them completely clean. 4. The first time the garment is cleaned may result in a change of colour or texture. 5. The use of incorrect adhesives during garment manufacture, to secure hem and other parts or borg linings, may result in the adhesive coming to the surface during cleaning, showing as stains on the surface of the garment. 6. After cleaning, slightly differences in shading of panels may become apparent due to the construction of the garment using skins from more than one animal. 7. No responsibility is taken for fancy trimmings, buckles, zips or buttons. 8. Scar tissue may become more apparent after cleaning. 9. Garments manufactured using weak skins are liable to break up or tear during the cleaning process. 10. Worn/old skin may become damaged during the cleaning process. 11. Dyes used during tanager are not always colourfast and there may be some loss/change in shade. 12. Linings without a “good” seam allowance may come apart. 13. “Fine” skin may lose its “shape” through cleaning. 14. New garments may “age” during the cleaning process. 15. Shrinkage allowance -/+3% (British standard B57269) We always take the greatest care of garment entrusted to us and assure you of our best attention at all times.