Dry Cleaning vs. Laundry

Laundry and dry cleaning both are stain removing process and aims cleaning of the items which are washed or dry cleaned. Dry cleaning is the washing process without water use; on the other hand, laundry cleaning is a conventional water- wash of clothes and apparels with usual soap, detergent, etc.

Laundry process is employed for regular washing purpose, and in general when special treatment of stain removing from fabrics is required, we use dry cleaning process.

However if we wish to compare between these two washing process, we have come to one point that both of these processes have their individual advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take the advantage list first.

Dry cleaning is a soft washing process than conventional laundry wash but material cannot be dry-cleaned. On the other hand there are lots of items which cannot be cleaned by dry cleaning process. There are different processes of dry cleaning and it is not possible to apply all dry cleaning process in home because for some intricate processes the skill and trade expertise of professional dry cleaners. Ads by Google

There is actually no superior or inferior concept about laundry or dry cleaning process; in many situations some garments may require both dry and laundry cleaning, respectively. Alternatively, selection of washing process depends on personal discretion.

However dry cleaning products and laundry products are different and washing machines are dry cleaning machines are radically different than one another.

There are some specific advantages of dry cleaning process. Dry cleaning process hardly initiates shrinkage on fabric, thus it is a better option for delicate garments like silk garments and woolen garments and long furnishing items like curtains. Dry cleaning process protects color, texture of fabric better than any other washing process. However it is always recommended to use best quality dry cleaning products for this washing process and to avail the expert service of professional dry cleaner. For example, the use of ink remover should be dome meticulously in dry cleaning method otherwise it may damage fabric permanently.

Alternatively, laundry process has its own advantages. As water is the prime solvent in this washing process, and it works best against removing in general stains and chemical spots, the ultimate effect seems better.

If quality dry cleaning material is not used on fabric it may damage the texture which is never happens with water solvent. Laundry wash makes washed clothes fresh and it never suffers from any chemical odor. Intricate tasks like ink removal with natural agent may not be as effective like dry cleaning process, but unlike chemical ink removers, natural ink removers never damage fabric texture.

If we like to compare between the two washing processes, dry cleaning process and laundry wash, it will seem to us that both are complete different from each other. However feature wise these processes may look different, both of these methods are meant for fabric maintenance. It is always wise to employ right process on the right fabric to get the best benefit from each of these processes.

Ink remover is pretty important for home dry cleaning; even the iron shoe plays a very important role in home dry cleaning.

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